A:We are a network of surcharge-free ATMs across Canada. As a network cardholder, you are able to visit any EXCHANGE ATM and complete a deposit, withdrawal, PIN change, balance inquiry or transfer surcharge-free.

A: That is correct. If you are unsure if your financial institution is a member of THE EXCHANGE Network, click here to find out.

A: If your financial institution is a member of THE EXCHANGE Network, you will never pay an ATM surcharge fee for completing a transaction at an EXCHANGE ATM.

A: Yes! It is a great practice to change your PIN (Personal Identification Number) every few months to safeguard your account.

A: To take advantage of an EXCHANGE ATM, your card must be issued by a credit union or bank that is a member of the network.

Click to see if your credit union or bank is a member of the network

A: Look on the back of your card for the Exchange logo.

A: Every ATM has an EXCHANGE logo proudly displayed. There are over 170 financial institutions who have added their ATM to the network.

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A: Click here to download our free mobile application.

A: THE EXCHANGE Network only operates in Canada, but has a partnership with the Allpoint Network and Accel® Network in the USA. You can withdraw cash surcharge-free at any Allpoint ATM, as well as at some Accel Network ATM locations. You also can complete transactions at merchant locations with the Accel Network.

To find an ATM in the US, please click here.